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Bouffant Cap Strip / Mob Cap

Product Code : ICC-004
100 strips per packet
$6.96 w/ GST

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask

Product Code : ICC-005
50 pcs per box
$5.35 w/ GST

Breathable Transparent Mask (Spit Guard)

Product Code : ICC-011
10 pcs per box
$5.20$6.30 w/ GST

Vinyl Glove (Powder Free)

Product Code : ICC-006
100 pcs per box
$8.03 w/ GST

Kleenguard G10 Flex Nitrile Glove (Powder Free)

Product Code : ICC-015
100 pcs per box
$15.84 w/ GST

PE Disposable Apron

Product Code : ICC-007
100 pcs per packet
$6.96 w/ GST

Non Woven Disposable Lab Coat (with button/velcro)

Product Code : ICC-010
5 pieces per bundle
$12.04 w/ GST

Disposable Shoe Cover (anti-slip)

Product Code : ICC-008
100 pcs per packet
$13.38 w/ GST

Folded Hand Towel (N or M Fold)

Product Code : ICC-001
200 sheets per packet
$3.00 w/ GST

Center Pulled Tissue

Product Code : ICC-009
6 rolls per carton
$53.93 w/ GST per ctn

16 rolls Embossed Jumbo Roll Tissue (virgin pulp)

Product Code : ICC-003
16 rolls per bundle
$28.25 w/ GST

Cocktail Napkin (2-ply with both side embossed)

Product Code : ICC-026
250 pcs per box
$3.21 w/ GST per box